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Hair Fall Control

There is a continuous rise in incidence of hair loss and baldness. In our practice we see lots of patients suffering from hair loss sometimes it’s temporary and some times it’s permanent. Temporary hair loss occurs mostly by stress, insufficient sleep, and nutritional deficiency due to imbalanced diet, medicines, chemicals, mechanical damage and some illnesses. Usually hair loss can…

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3D Printing in Plastic Surgery

Plastic surgery is known for Two arms; reconstructive and aesthetic surgery. It is known for properly & meticulously planning and perfectly executing the plan to give the desired result. Plastic surgeons don’t like surprises. They plan surgery with paper, drawings, transparencies, wax models, clay models and what not. For craniofacial surgeries different views X-ray films, CT scan and 3D…

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How Salman Khan does it?

You know the proof of hair transplantation success and that this science and techniques are improving? See the celebrity hair transplantation. A lot of celebrities with hairloss and baldness are going ahead with Hair transplantation and it’s the proof or guaranty of hair transplantation success. Salman Khan, Sanjay Dutt, Harshwardhan Bhogale, Virender Sehwag, Saurav Ganguli and lot more Indian…

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Best Hair transplantation Techniques Review

Now nearly all world hair transplant surgeons turned to follicular unit hair transplantation (FUT) technique. And the era of transplanting clumps of hairs and giving unnatural “corn’s field “appearance is over. With growing experience of surgeons and sharing of knowledge among them, this field has evolved a lot. The expectations of patients also pushes surgeon to find something more…

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5 Vitamins and 4 minerals supplements stop Hair Loss

Vitamin supplements play a key role in the health of both hair follicles and skin. To keep the hair and skin on your head healthy the following 5 vitamins can be critical. Folic Acid (Vitamin B9) : One of the most important nutrients to prevent hair loss. Folic acid promotes healthy cell growth which in turn produces healthy skin…

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How Foods can stop your hair loss?

Lot of modalities are there to stop hair loss, one of them is food you eat . Here I give a short but effective list of foods for hairs… Iron, sulphur , zinc Protein and biotin Dry fruits and nuts Vitamins Seafood Iron is essential for good health of hair follicle. Iron allows other nutrients to be more easily…

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