Hair Fall Control

There is a continuous rise in incidence of hair loss and baldness. In our practice we see lots of patients suffering from hair loss sometimes it’s temporary and some times it’s permanent. Temporary hair loss occurs mostly by stress, insufficient sleep, and nutritional deficiency due to imbalanced diet, medicines, chemicals, mechanical damage and some illnesses. Usually hair loss can be a superficial sign of a major illness in prodormal phase which may be appearing sooner or later if neglected. So first thing one should do is to search for the cause of hair loss. How one can identify the cause? Consult with the doctor in the similar practice.

Problem can be worse when it found out to be a permanent hair loss. Main variances are male pattern baldness, female pattern baldness (androgenic alopecia) , alopecia areata, alopecia totalis, alopecia universalis. Most of the causes are treatable with medicines allopathic (modern medicines), homeopathic medicines, ayurvedic medicines, and naturopathy. But the most common cause of baldness in males is androgenic alopecia, and is only can be controlled with the medicine and can not be cured. With any medicines it can be only postponed and we can not change the destiny of the hair follicles which are destined to fall. This is a very hard truth and when ever I tell this to my patients they are shocked and that’s natural. In our grand parents generation they used to have baldness at an age of 50-60 years or more. In our parents generation it started to appear at 40 years of age and in our generation we are seeing at 20 year. Research has shown that the incidence and prevalence has increased twice and around 50 % males have hair fall problem to a significant level.

So at first notice of severe hair fall see the doctor in the speciality Plastic and cosmetic surgeons, dermatologist, tricologist. You may be already late to notice that. Find out the cause, go for treatment . But for sure androgenic alopecia / male pattern baldness will require hair transplantation at some stage.