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What is Rhinoplasty?

In Rhinoplasty, nose is reshaped so that it looks natural and blends harmoniously with rest of face.

Am I a candidate for rhinoplasty?

  • You may be a candidate if-
  • Your nose is large/ wide with relation to your face.
  • There is a bump on your nasal bridge.
  • Nose is asymmetrical or crooked/ depressed ( saddle nose)
  • Nasal tip droops or plunges/ is thickened and enlarged.
  • On consultation, surgeon will evaluate and as per your requirements decide what can be realistically achieved. Breathing problems if any should be mentioned to the consulting surgeon.

Tell me something about surgery?

Few blood tests need to be done to ascertain your general fitness for surgery. Rhinoplasty is a day care procedure and you can go back home in evening. It is done under Local/General Anesthesia. The surgery last 1-2hrs on an average.

What is ‘open’ or ‘closed’ Rhinoplasty?

In open rhinoplasty, an incision is placed on the columella, which extends inside the nose whereas in closed rhinoplasty, incision is placed inside the nose , no incision is placed on the columella.

What are the advantages and Disadvantages of ‘Open’ Rhinoplasty?

Open Rhinoplasty approach offers complete anatomic exposure and direct binocular view of the nasal framework deformity, which makes the reconstruction of desired nasal framework & nasal shape easy. The only criticism is a trans columellar scar. But by practical viewpoint, the distinct advantages of 6mm trans columellar incision outweighs it’s disadvantages.

Is an implant needed?

In case of saddle nose or other deformities, in which nose needs to be built up in certain areas, a nasal septal cartilage or bone or cartilage from another site or commonly an artificial implant ( Silicone/Porex) may be used.

Follow Up?

On 7th day for suture removal.

After care?

There will be a dressing splint over the nose for 7 days, to prevent accidental bumping of your nose. For another 2 weeks you need to wear that splint during the night.

When can I join my work?

You can resume your normal house routine from the next day. But may have to avoid office because of the dressing splint!

Will I have a Scar?

Scar are hidden across the columella which is hardly noticeable (in open rhinoplasty), or in the natural crease where the nose joins the cheeks.

When can I appreciate results?

It may take up to 3 months after the surgery.

What can go wrong ?

  • Reactions to Anaesthesia/ Drugs
  • Hematoma(Blood collection)/ Seroma requiring drainage
  • Infection requiring Higher Antibiotics
  • Minor Asymmetry which may require some touch up Procedure
  • Flap Necrosis

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