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Breast Reduction Surgery

You should consider breast reduction surgery, if you have large disproportionate breasts which are the reason behind your back pain, neck pain, or other physical problems.Breast Surgery

Majority of females who go for breast reduction surgery are highly satisfied with the final results. Men who are facing the problem of gynecomastia (male breasts become large) can also choose breast reduction surgery.

Since it is not a small surgical procedure, so you must be aware of the procedure, results to expect and probable complications related to the surgery.

Consult A Surgeon About Breast Reduction Surgery

There should be detailed discussions between you and your surgeon, before you undergo breast reduction surgery.

In the consultation, tell the surgeon about your medical history, like whether or not you ever had a lump on your breast and any other condition which may have an impact on your breasts. The surgeon might also consider medical history of your family.

Be absolutely open while consulting the surgeon and tell him the reason for having a breast reduction surgery. Don’t hesitate to discuss any type of emotional issues (related to your breasts), how big breasts have troubled you in the past and any physical problems you had previously.

The surgeon will measure your breasts, take photographs and conduct medical checkups to determine you fit for the surgery. The photos will help you to see the difference in your body before and after the surgery. Your privacy will not be compromised because face is not shown in the photographs. The surgeon will examine your br easts and might consider mammogram as a preparation for the surgery.Breast Reduction Surgery

Preparation For Breast Reduction Surgery

To ensure proper and timely healing, you need be in good physical shape. Don’t forget to your surgeon’s instructions before and after the surgical treatment.

After the surgery, you’ll need extra care, so prepare in advance. Have these things ready before the surgery:

  • Lots of ice
  • Tissue papers, clean towels and clothes
  • Comfortable t-shirts and blouses
  • Creams or ointments as advised by the surgeon
  • Ensure you have a friend or family member to drive you back to your home after the surgery

How Surgery Is Performed

Every surgery is different from other because every patient has distinctive requirements and expectations from the outcome of the surgery. The surgery can be done on an outpatient basis, but the decisions lies on surgeon and how small/big your case is. The surgery might last from 2 to 5 hours.

The surgeon will make incisions on your breasts near nipples and then remove the excess fat, tissues and skin from that area. The nipples are also repositioned and small incisions are made. General anaesthesia will be given to patient before the surgery, so you won’t be feeling any discomfort.

Recovery Period After Surgery

For this surgery, you need to take at least 7 to 10 off from your work and the time may even increase depending on your condition. You also need to wear a special bra which you easily get in the market. You are also supposed to visit your surgeon for regular checkups.

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