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Penis Enlargement Surgery

Penile length and girth have long been a source of anxiety for men, and they still exist today. Throughout the ages, men have undergone a myriad of different penile enhancement measures. Penile prosthesis surgery is a widely accepted treatment for men with erectile dysfunction that is refractory to pharmacological therapy. It is associated with a satisfaction rate of more than 90%. In patients requiring penile prosthesis, many report that their prosthetic erection is shorter than their previous natural erection.

Various strategies have been put in place to increase phallic length. These include penile rehabilitation, such as oral phosphodiesterase-5 inhibitors, muse, vacuum erection devices, and intracavernosal injections.

Several intraoperative techniques, such as ventral phalloplasty, corporoplasty, and suprapubic lipectomy, have been described as intraoperative techniques to improve phallic length.

By simple adjuvant procedures, the perception of size can be maximized simultaneously during penile prosthesis surgery. To enhance the patient perception of penile length, it is possible to perform simple procedures that increase perceived or true penile length.

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