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Penile Implant Surgery

You’ll need a doctor who’s trained in male genital surgery to insert a penile prosthesis. The procedure is to take place within 1-2 hours. The penile tissue will regenerate within 4-6 weeks, after which you will be able to live fully and enjoy intimacy and sexuality.

What happens during the implantation procedure?

The so-called reservoir is positioned behind the abdominal wall during the process of implanting a three-part hydraulic prosthesis. The tank resembles a tiny bubble, filled with a saline solution. This solution is necessary to fill the cylinders which produce the erection afterward. You’ll be able to pump the solution into the cylinders through a small pump within the scrotal sac. You can return the penis to its flaccid state following the intercourse by pushing on a deflation valve at the pump base. All three components (the reservoir, the scrotum pump, and the cylinders) are connected via small, separate tubing.

How long does penile implant surgery take?

Surgery (including the anesthetist’s time to prepare the anesthesia) typically takes between 60 to 120 minutes. First priority is proper positioning and connection of all components.

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