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Breast Augmentation

Is Breast Augmentation Surgery Right For Me?

Women opt to have breast augmentation surgery for a variety of reasons. This type of surgery is best for and commonly done on females who have small breasts, asymmetrical breasts. In many cases, women lose shape or volume of their breasts after pregnancy or weight loss. Here, breasts enlargement surgery is an ideal procedure to get back big and firm breasts. It’s a personal choice of every woman to decide if they’re willing to undergo this surgery or not. However, it’s strongly recommended that you must consult your cosmetic surgeon to find more about this treatment.

What Should I Expect From Breast Enlargement Surgery And How Long It Takes?

Breast Enlargement surgery, often known as Breast Augmentation surgery, is usually a cosmetic surgical technique that should be done by an experienced, qualified and the best cosmetic surgeon in Nagpur. The treatment normally requires between 1 to 3 hours for completion, but it might take more time in some cases. The surgery is conducted under general anaesthesia and the surgeon might ask you to stay at the clinic for a couple of days to check your progress and recovery speed.

The best cosmetic surgeon in Nagpur will start by creating small incisions on either the natural crease under the breasts, or at the side of the nipples, or in the armpit. Then an implant will be inserted inside the breasts by the best cosmetic surgeon in Nagpur. The implant will be placed at either behind or over the tissue and muscle to provide the desired look and then the incisions are closed properly by using surgical sutures.

The place of incision will be decided by the best cosmetic surgeon in Nagpur to deliver the best shape and size for your breasts. You must discuss the whole treatment process, your expectations and the outcomes of the surgery with the surgeon in advance. This will surely help you to achieve the desired look and size you’re expecting from the surgery.

Why Should I Choose Breast Enlargement Surgery?

  • To get a curvier figure
  • To have symmetrical breasts
  • It will enhance the feeling of femininity and confidence.
  • You can wear all types of clothes with full confidence. No need to feel shy anymore while wearing swimwear or well-fitting clothes.
  • You can achieve the shape, size and volume which you have lost due to either, pregnancy, weight loss or ageing.

“My friend recently had a breast augmentation surgery and she got amazing results. Can I get the same implants and same results?”

Answer – It’s obvious that you didn’t look just like your friend before she had the augmentation surgery, so why do you think you will look same now? You need to understand that everyone is different from the other and your body structure and dimensions are not like any other woman’s. This clearly means that your breast enlargement surgery results will be unique and more attractive. Your current breast size, skin condition, and the implant placement are some of the major factors that will affect the outcome of your cosmetic surgery procedure.

“If one breast is smaller compared to other, a larger implant will make it match the size of the larger breast.”

Answer – It’s not as simple as people think because we can’t find a single human being whose body is perfectly symmetrical, every side of our body is somewhat different from the other. The same case is with females’ breasts. While comparing, it’s discovered that the larger breast is made up of more skin compared to the smaller one. There’s a risk of creating significant shape differences, if an attempt is made to fill too much into a small skin envelope. At the Mayflower Cosmetic Clinic, we will first examine your breast size and then suggest implants’ size which suits you best.

“Breast enlargement surgery is a simple operation that can be performed by any surgeon”

Answer – NO! Breast augmentation surgery isn’t a small or simple operation. Never visit just any other surgeon for implant surgery and ensure that the surgeon you choose to perform the surgery is highly qualified. At Mayflower Cosmetic Clinic, all surgeries are performed by Dr. Pawan Shahane, who is considered as the best cosmetic surgeon in Nagpur. Dr. Pawan Shahane has years of experience in suggesting and choosing the best implant size, shape, texture, and operative approach for every single patient.

Why females of all ages go for breast augmentation surgery?

Generally, Women of all ages need to endure a breast augmentation surgery when they experience their current size of the breast is just way too small or disproportionate to their physique dimension. In a few situations the breasts may well grow unevenly and breast augmentation surgery is desired to solve such issues. Females who discover that their breast measurement has shrunken following pregnancies, also desire to regain their previous breast dimension with help of this type of breast surgery. Also, those female who’ve been through a mastectomy typically opt to have this breast surgery.

What are the major advantages of breast enlargement surgery?

This breast surgery tends to make the bust larger in size, firmer and fuller than before. The final results might not appear specifically like natural bigger breasts, but even better. The breasts become more round, firmer, soft and less saggy compared to natural breasts of a similar size.

What’s the minimal age prerequisite for any breast surgery?

A female should be more than 18 years of age to go through breast enlargement surgery or any other breast surgery.

What’s an approx cost for breast augmentation surgery?

The expense of breast augmentation surgery could change based on different factors. You need to visit the best cosmetic surgeon in Nagpur, who can guide you throughout the surgery and charge reasonable rate for the whole treatment. The factors that generally effect the cost of the treatment are location, fees of the best cosmetic surgeon in Nagpur, anaesthesia and the type of implants being used in the surgery.

How painful is this surgery?

The depth and time of pain fluctuate with different women. Once the treatment is completed, most females reported to feel exhausted and sore for a handful of days. Generally females can easily return to regular routine in 4 to 5 days without much pain.

How much time does this breast surgery takes?

It’s going to take between one-two hours approx for your breast augmentation surgery. The time may differ depending upon the type of anaesthesia used, placement of implants and type of technique applied.

Is there any risk of cancer due to implants?

No proof or evidence has been found yet to prove that breast implants are related to a higher cancer rate.

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